Treatment and educational resourses of Federal Centre of Neurosurgery (Tyumen)

Chief physician and Medical director is Professor Albert Sufianov.

Albert Sufianov was born on March 7, 1965 in Vikhorevka city, Irkutsk region. He graduated from school summa cum laude. In 1989, he graduated from Irkutsk State Medical Institute with honors. After finishing clinical residency in neurosurgery in 1994, he began a professional career as a neurosurgeon in Irkutsk pediatric clinical hospital. In 1996, he set up and became a head of pediatric neurosurgical department, among the very firsts in Russia. Being a practicing doctor, he also successfully defended candidate and then doctorate theses, became a professor. From the early beginning of his working activity, in order to upgrade his professional skills, he frequently attended practical workshops in the leading foreign neurosurgical hospitals on a regular basis (USA, Germany, Japan, China, Austria, Italy, etc.). In 2009, he passed a competitive selection and was invited by the Government of the Russian Federation to work in Tyumen, where he headed the construction of Federal Neurosurgery Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, joining in 2010 as the Chief physician and Medical director of this medical institution. During the first year of work, the Center fulfilled a task set by the Government to perform 3000 high-tech surgeries, most of them were performed personally by A. Sufianov. In 2013, Federal Center of  Neurosurgery (Tyumen) was acknowledged as the best Centre in performing high-tech medical help in Russia. By 2020, more than 30 000 surgeries have been performed in the Center for patients from all over Russia, from near and far abroad countries. Prof. A.A. Sufianov personally conducts most complicated and unique surgeries. Only he or a limited variety of neurosurgeons can perform a number of neurosurgical operations. For example, in 2018 prof. Sufianov has performed a fetal endoscopic surgery for fetal hydrocephalus – unique for Russia (never performed before) and second time in the world neurosurgery.

With over 800 of the most complicated operations conducted annually, prof. Albert Sufianov is one of the world’s leaders in neurosurgery, as evidenced by his election in 2015 to be an Active member of the World Academy of Neurological Surgery (WANS) with only 100 active members. He trained more than 50 high-class neurosurgeons, 1 doctor of medical sciences and 8 candidates of medical sciences. Albert Sufianov is an author of more than 404 printed works, among them there are 9 monographs, 18 patents, 8 illustrated manuals. A number of articles are published in top-rated foreign scientific journals. A.A. Sufianov is a member of editorial boards of several editions, such as “Brazilian neurosurgery”, “Asian Journal of Neurosurgery”, “Neurosurgery” (Russia), “Burdenko’s Questions of Neurosurgery”, “Polenov’s Russian Neurosurgical Journal”, “Epilepsy” (Russia); he is a member of 2 dissertational boards.

In November 2016, Professor A. Sufianov was appointed to the position of the Head of the department of neurosurgery in the First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov university). In a short period, thanks to A. A. Sufianov, Federal Center for Neurosurgery (Tyumen) has become the world’s reference center, where more than 1200 neurosurgeons from 36 countries were trained.

For professional achievements, he was elected as a member of the Board of the Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia, member of European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), member of neuroendoscopy committee of World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS), member of International Federation of Neuroendoscopy (IFNE).

He is one of the leading lecturers-instructors in the world, constantly conducting workshops in various countries of the world (USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.).

He has been awarded with Certificate of Merit of Tyumen Regional Duma, Certificate of Merit of the Governor of the Tyumen region, Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Professor Albert Sufianov is a honorary citizen of Tyumen and Vikhorevka.

In December 2018 professor Albert Sufianov was elected as Chairman of the ACNS Education Committee.

On November 27, 2018 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin personally awarded Professor A.A. Sufianov with a sign in conferment of the honorary title Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.


Structure, equipment and resources of Federal Centre of Neurosurgery (Tyumen)

Bed capacity of the Centre is 95 beds.

Since the launch, more than 30 000 surgeries have been performed with 3 800 cases conducted annually by the doctors in the Centre; more than 800 surgeries – the most complicated cases – are conducted personally by prof. Albert Sufianov.

There 5 specialized departments at the premises of the Federal Centre of neurosurgery: pediatric neurosurgical department, department of cerebrovascular neurosurgery, vertebrology, neurooncology and department of functional neurosurgery. There are also a department of anesthesiology and intensive care unit and 7 operating rooms. OR №7 was set into service in 2015. It is the very first hybrid intellectual operating room with iCT scanner set into service in Russia. It has made it possible to essentially improve the efficiency of surgical treatment in the most challenging surgical cases. In 2017, we have put 3 Tesla MRI to use to conduct surgeries under MRI control. In 2018 640-slide CT was set to work. Today, in terms of equipment, the Center can compete with the leading clinics in the world. Staff professionalism and equipment are aimed at successful surgical treatment of the most complicated and common diseases of the nervous system such as:

  • Brain and spinal cord tumors, including skull base and pituitary tumors;
  • Functional abnormalities – drug-resistant and symptomatic epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, hemifacial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia, pain syndromes, spinal and sacral neurostimulation;
  • Pediatric conditions – tumors, hydrocephalus, craniosynostosis, lumbosacral lipoma;
  • Cerebral aneurysms, stenosis of brachiocephalic arteries, spinal stenosis, and other pathologies.


Distinctive features of the center are:

  1. Availability of wide- acknowledged unique original technologies: endoscopic surgeries in neurooncology, surgical treatment of epilepsy, including endoscopic, stitchless neurosurgery, operations for congenital abnormalities of central nervous system, fetal neurosurgery, “keyhole” neurosurgery.
  2. Minimally invasive (endoscopic and stitchless neurosurgery, keyhole access, which minimizes the injury, and thus ensure shorter period of in-hospital stay and quick recovery).
  3. Objective of maximum preservation of CNS function.
  4. Surgeries for “inoperable” patients – including those who were refused to be admitted in other hospitals
  5. Surgeries for patients from near and far abroad countries.

6. Citizens of the Russian Federation receive medical help in Federal Centre of Neurosurgery free of charge (state financing).


The concept and training system of world-class neurosurgeons

The concept and training system of excellent neurosurgeons, created by Professor Sufianov is one of the best in the world. The recognition of this is the fact that in December 2018 Professor Sufianov was elected to be the head of the Educational Committee of the Asian Congress of neurological surgeons (ACNS) – one of the largest professional medical organizations, uniting neurosurgeons of more than 2/3 of the planet.

Today we possess all the required facilities to study neurosurgery, and all in one place:

  • 3D technologies that allow you to print training models by yourself;
  • Modern simulator of neurosurgical operations – “NeuroVR” №15 (there are 15 of them in total in the world at the time of its acquisition).
  • Unique microsurgical laboratory for 11 working stations, every station is a mini-analogue of the most advanced neurosurgical operating room.
  • Technologies of 3D image, live stream, online conferences, simultaneous interpretation.
  • Full-cadaver training lab. It was equipped and launched with the support of the Governor and the government of the Tyumen region; it is one of the few in Russia.
  • Great conditions for live surgery. Operating theaters are equipped with high-resolution cameras.

There are very few analogues in the world. There are no analogues in Russia.


In 2016, Prof. Sufianov has received a proposal from the rector of the Sechenov University academician Pavel Glybochko to become a Chair of newly created Department of Neurosurgery. This academic department is the first one of this specialty since the University was opened 260 years ago and prof. Sufianov has become a leader of it. And what is also unique is that the clinical base for the academic department was not chosen among Moscow hospitals but was launched at the premises of the Centre that is situated in the region. Its’ launch has given more fame to the Federal center of neurosurgery (Tyumen), since Sechenov University diplomas are acknowledged all around the world.

Today, 3 years later, 11 residents and 3 post-graduate students study at the premises of Federal Centre of Neurosurgery (Tyumen) and the geography of the trainees is expanding: for example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Sudan. Among residents there are people who have already been trained in Europe and USA. They come here to study for 5 years (2-year residency program and 3-year postgraduate educational program) to become the best. This is a conscious choice. As admission campaign is conducted once a year, there is already a large number of applications for the admission campaign in 2020, especially from abroad. Prof. Sufianov’s algorithm for obtaining a world-class specialist is quite simple – competitive examination during admissions helps to select the best potential residents. They are provided with the best conditions for learning. At the end of the training you received the world-class staff.

In 2018, for the first time, under the auspices of the Governor of the Tyumen Region Vladimir Yakushev, we have conducted the First International Students’ competition in Neurosurgery. The winners received fellowships to study neurosurgery in Sechenov University for ree. All expectations were met. Participants were very enthusiastic and several of them are already residents. This approach will continue and develop. Why international? This is the world approach of recruitment of young intellectual students. For example, the winner of the Students’ competition of 2018 is from Belarus, and now he is studying in Russia and his future career will be built in Russia. An important factor is that this competition is a real “social elevator” for talented young people.

Prof. Sufianov has created a very successful technology of training – short-team educational courses in specific themes conducted by leaders of the world neurosurgery at the premises of Federal Centre of Neurosurgery. More than 20 educational events take place annually. To date, over a thousand neurosurgeons from 36 countries have been trained. As a result, doctors of Federal center of neurosurgery have mastered the advanced world technologies, have become well-known in the world, and have firmly occupied a place among the leaders of world neurosurgery.

Team approach is the most important aspect. It is necessary to teach not only a neurosurgeon, but all members of a surgical team. In this regard, together with the Tyumen Medical College, a pilot project is being implemented – we are training the best nurses who have been selected on a competitive basis.

In 2017, we set a unique project with the Tyumen State Industrial University of joint training of specialists in the field of “Management of medical equipment” and “Medical information systems in neurosurgical hospitals”. Students who have graduated this educational program will become medical engineers.

Today, there have appeared a tendency to copy not only prof. Sufianov’s unique technologies created in Federal Centre of neurosurgery (Tyumen), but also to use similar principles of hospital organization. In 2018, a similar center was launched in Nepal by prof. Iype Cherian. There are analogous projects in other countries.

Thus, today Federal State-financed Institution “Federal Center of Neurosurgery” of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation (Tyumen) under the leadership of Professor Albert Sufianov is one of the most recognized, effective and continuously developing top leaders of world neurosurgery, the “territory of advanced development” of world neurosurgery.