Specialists of the department of admission and diagnostics conduct selection, admission and diagnostics of the patients with neurosurgical pathologies, with the purpose of determining the right diagnosis with the following hospitalization for surgical treatment.

Our department is the only one in the country where patients can receive an extensive answer concerning their neurosurgical pathologies with the following arrangement of surgical treatment. Daily about 100 patients receive consults here and 40% of them are referred to neurosurgical treatment. As a rule, the period between the first referral of the patient and admission to hospital does not exceed 3-4 weeks. Here, patients are offered consultation on all basic conditions. In complicated cases, leading neurosurgeons from specialized departments of the Centre may be invited for their expert opinion and, if necessary, additional examination on the spot.

Today, 43 highly qualified professionals are working in the department of admission and diagnostics:

  • Oncologist
  • ENT specialist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • general physician
  • urologist
  • neurologist