The surgical department includes 7 operating rooms with cutting-edge equipment and tools.

Operating rooms are equipped with the brand-newest operating tables Magnus (MAQUET) providing all possible functional positions of the patient, necessary for adequate performing of the surgical interference which offers the patients optimal reliability and ensures the most comfortable working conditions during surgical operations for the medical staff.

The surgical unit is well equipped with all necessary modern neurosurgical facilities including the unique “Siemens” Xray-angio system, surgical microscopes, neuroendoscopic equipment, neuronavigation system,  intraoperative ultrasound unit and intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring of brain and spinal cord, ultrasound aspirators, stereotaxis, microneurosurgical tools produced by world leading manufacturers.

Some of the innovations are worth mentioning separately. First in Russia, we have started using a 3D endoscope, which is especially beneficial in difficult minimally invasive surgeries. Besides, there is a 3D TRENION system with a 3D camers and 3D monitor, the system that enables the surgeon not only to see but effectively share with the whole team brilliant three dimensional images.


In May 2015, again exclusively in Russia, the very first hybrid intellectual operating room with iCT scanner was set into service. It has made it possible to essentially improve the efficiency of surgical treatment in the most challenging surgical cases. All the installed equipment here is interconnected and provides an interrupted process of preoperative planning, navigation, automatic data registration and analysis. An iCT scanner allows controlling the whole flow of surgery. Neuronavigation system fuses preoperative and intraoperative images, which gives the surgeon the confidence in case of tumor resection that the lesion is totally removed. Generally, it makes it possible to improve clinical outcomes, reduce rehabilitation period of the patient and prevent repetitive surgical interventions.

One more feature of this OR is a built-in ceiling laminar system that delivers sterile air over the operating field. Such technologies are applied only in a few countries all over the world.

The staff of the surgical unit consists of 49 people. “Life in clear consciousness” is not just a motto here, it is a real outcome of the surgeries performed.

The efficiency depends on precision. It is possible to fulfill this motto due to the modern equipment, enabling to preserve to the maximum the brain and spinal cord structures of the patient during the surgical interference.