20 beds. About 650 surgeries per year.

Within 5 years, more than 2300 surgeries have been performed.

We help people who suffer from non-lethal diseases which, however, make their life in society uncomfortable. We do our best to return patients to physical, psychological health and social well-being.

Conditions treated at the department:

– pain syndromes

– extrapyramidal disorders

– epilepsy

– effects of peripheral nerve trauma and diseases

– infantile cerebral palsy

– parkinson disease

– epilepsy

– torsion dystonia

– essential tremor

– hemifacial spasm

– atypical prosopalgia

– trigeminal neuralgia

– deep seated brain lesions

– neuropathic pain syndromes

– posttraumatic, post-stroke spasticity

– Arnold-Chiari malformation

– hydrocephalus (in adults)

– complex posttraumatic skull defects


In our Department we have acquired and implemented a number of technologies absolutely new for our country, such as, for example, neurostimulation or resection techniques for epilepsy treatment.



Procedures performed:

  • open surgeries
  • spinal cord neurostimulation
  • plastic reconstruction of skull defects
  • DBS


The staff of the Department consists of 27 professionals are employed in the department.